Thursday, 8 October 2015

NEW WEBPAGE??? || That Girl On The Internet


My wifi is crap and i can only now upload a post which means unfortunately there will only be one post this month!! IM SO SORRY!

But i think i can use this time to tell you news and updates. Y'Know. It's probably a bit helpful for the future of this blog.


I will be creating (i have already I'm just preparing it) a new design and webpage for my blog! BUT!

All posts will be re-uploaded there. Y'know there are some real deep posts I've made and i want them there as well!! To make sure new viewers understand when i made that post i will put the date in the title of that post. I will copy and paste the 'LOVING YOURSELF' post last as that is VERY important to me, and hopefully inspired you! I will do a new 'Welcome post' for the blog letting people know whats happening and what I'm gonna do on the blog so yeah!!

If you wanna check it out (please do, it probably be best as it is the new page!!) here is the web address:

It is still being created so please bear in mind its not ready yet!!

More updates (If i can get wifi) coming soon!