Tuesday, 15 September 2015



So we are back to school and back to work! Yay? I don't know. I'm just happy to see all my friends again after such a long time away from them all. I just wish I could see them more often but some live quite far away.


as you can tell by the posts title this is going to be quite a serious post as I saw something the other day that nearly the whole internet reacted too. 

It was a video titled 

'Dear Fat People' 

(Please watch the video before you read the post, it will make a lot more sense.) 

I didn't watch the video until recently because of two reasons.

1) I was kinda scared as I didn't want to end up feeling like it was about me.

2) I didn't really wanna get involved with people against it or defending it. Honestly I'd rather get a bowl of popcorn and watch the drama. (I know it's bad don't judge me)

But then I thought to myself,

'Why should I be afraid of something that i don't know is  even about me? and also, I could still read the reactions and not be apart of it ( I failed as you can see. I'm writing a blog post about it.)'

So I looked it up and it was by a woman known as Nicole Arbour. Which I recognize the name as she was another you tubers girlfriends, anyway, so I clicked it and watched it. 

Then after watching the 30 seconds or so, I already realise what the hype and anger was about. She had started the video HORRIBLY. She also to me was trying a bit to hard to be funny. But it got her attention so she obviously doesn't give a crap. Continuing on, I was watching the video and when I finished it. I realised that reason number one for me avoiding this video was out the window and was flown into space. Not because I felt like this video wasn't about me but because if I'm honest I didn't give a shit about her opinion. I didn't even understand why people were taking this video to HEART, yet alone into their HEADS. 

Moving on from that giant rant I was about to start...

So after fully watching the video I thought these things, along with A LOT more. 

First of all,

When looking at her tweets about the reaction she said it was comedy.


Girl, if it was comedy people would laugh. People who aren't trolls on the Internet.

Second point,

IF YOU ARN'T BOTHERED BY PEOPLES REACTIONS TO THE VIDEO NICOLE, DONT DISABLE COMMENTS AND LIKES. You made that video for attention and you got it, at least accept it and don't be a coward. 


I understand you would be pissed at the family that got to skip the queue, ride a golf cart to the plane because they were tired of standing. But I am PREYING you didn't actually push the fat of that kid.(quote from Nicole 'Jabba the son') Yes he probably needs to lose weight but why the hell would you do THAT? how would you like it if someone pushed YOU for their own  benefit. Oh wait, you'd probably make a video about it, never mind.

I don't really wanna rant on and on but you get my drift. But I just wanna say...

I GET why she made the video, along with her point. It's just the way she put her point across along with the fat jokes and that story.

So people of the world. Don't take people's opinions to heart. If you wanna lose weight DO IT FOR YOU, not for other people. 

And if someone calls you fat well...

Shout "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT!" and sit on them.

Bye guys 

~That Girl On The Internet~